Portable Toilet Rental in Alexandria, AL

If you are organizing a big event like an outdoor wedding or construction project, it's time to think about renting porta potties in Alexandria so your people have somewhere to go when nature calls. Alexandria porta potty rental costs are a big part of every construction site and outdoor event budget and we can help make sure the process goes smoothly and you don't spend too much.

Comparing porta potty rental prices in Alexandria doesn't have to take much time and if your location has limited bathroom access it is a necessity. The final cost of renting a porta-john in Alexandria will mostly vary based on how many you get and how long you need them. A portable toilet rental in Alexandria is usually considered the way to go for most events, since maintenance and cleaning services are also provided by portable toilet companies in Alexandria. It's more cost-effective, and more hands off for you.

portable toilets in Alexandria, AL

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Porta Potty in Alexandria, AL?

The longer you need to rent a porta potty in Alexandria, the lower your cost will be. However, other factors that play a role are you proximity to the rental yard, extra amenities you want and inventory available. The cost per month for a porta potty rental in Alexandria is hundreds of dollars less than daily rentals on a cost per day basis. Here's an estimate of what you can expect daily porta potty rental prices to be:

Average Alexandria Porta Potty Rental Prices:

  • Average weekly standard porta potty rental cost is $155 to $230
  • Average weekly ADA handicap accessible portable toilet cost is $190 to $260
  • Average weekly luxury VIP portable toilet cost is $350 to $650

For monthly rates expect to pay 2.5 to 3.5 the weekly estimated cost.

When You Need a Portable Restroom Rental in Alexandria, AL

Renting a porta potty in Alexandria is the ideal solution for weddings and events where there's a big group of people and limited options for where they can go to the bathroom, so make sure you leave room in your budget.

Temporary Events:

  • Fairs
  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Backyard gatherings
  • Concerts
  • Festivals

Semi-Permanent Installments:

  • Parks
  • Stadiums
  • Golf courses
  • Around playgrounds
  • Large parking lots
  • Campsites
  • Rest stops

Temporary Work Areas:

  • Construction sites
  • Emergency camps
  • Disaster response

Whether you need to rent portable toilets in Alexandria for construction sites or a triathlon, it's important to get a feel for what companies in your area offer, and how their inventory and service options align with your needs.

porta potty rentals in Alexandria

Alexandria Porta Potties for Every Party: Portable Toilet Types

The type of porta john you rent is dependent on what you can afford, as well as your event's size and duration.

Construction Porta Potty in Alexandria

This is your standard plastic porta potty rental unit. No frills features will vary slightly depending on the Alexandria porta potty rental company you go with, but generally only include toilet paper and a door that locks.

ADA Handicapped Portable Restrooms in Alexandria

These extra large units can accommodate wheelchairs and may be required for you to have on-site. ADA porta potties cost $200 to $250 per weekend, or about 15%-25% higher than normal potties.

ada handicap portable toilet in Alexandria, AL

Luxury/VIP Porta Potties

Often used for VIP events, luxury porta potty rentals in Alexandria can include a sink within the unit, extra space, lighting and optional attendant.

Restroom Trailers

Alexandria restroom trailers can be climate controlled, have electric lighting, and even fully operational plumbing with hot water. This is a high-end portable restroom rental.

Flushing Units

Porta potties that flush are rare and most rentals include toilets with chemical concoctions rather than flushing systems. Ask your Alexandria portable toilet company if this is an option they offer.

High Rise Porta Potties in Alexandria, AL

This unique porta potty option takes into consideration high-rise construction site operations, with the option to move them with lift hooks via crane, or up an elevator. Availability - particularly in small towns - may be hard to come by for these potty rentals.

Every situation is unique, but here are a few examples to give you a starting point on the type of unit you may need:

Outdoor WeddingsConstruction SitesMusic FestivalsParksEmergency SituationsCamp SitesFairsGolf Courses
Basic porta potty rental with sinkBasic porta potty rental with sinkBasic porta potty rental with sinkBasic porta potty rental with sinkBasic porta potty rental with sinkBasic porta potty rental with sinkBasic porta potty rental with sinkDeluxe unit/VIP with attendant
Restroom trailerPorta potty rental on trailersolarsolarsolarsolarhandicappedFlushing porta-john
Flushing porta-johnHigh rise units

The size of your space is going to largely determine the type of porta potty you need to rent in Alexandria for your event. There needs to be enough space for the service trucks to have access. Calculate some rough dimensions of the area you plan to place porta potties before you give us a call.

Optional Portable Toilet Rental Features

Depending on your budget and location, you usually have many options when ordering a porta potty in Alexandria. Though most of these are included with your porta john rental they can vary widely from company to company.

  • Flushable portable toilets
  • Deodorizer/odor control chemicals
  • Air freshener
  • Baby changing station
  • Toilet paper
  • Sanitation supplies (like paper towels, toilet paper, etc.)
  • A personal disinfectant like soap or an antibacterial gel/wash
  • Sink (with foot pedal in standard model)
  • Antifreeze
  • Urinals
  • Unit on wheels
  • Heated (typically only with deluxe portable toilet rentals)
  • Light options (whether with an a built in light fixture, or "windows")
  • Lift hooks via crane (for high-rise construction sites)
  • Optional Accessories

If there is no portable toilet rental company in your Alexandria with units that have the built in features you're looking for, there are plenty of add-on accessories to choose from. Be sure to factor these accessories into your budgetary decisions:

  • Portable hand wash station - A step up from hand sanitizer, hand wash stations offer running water to guests after using the potties.
  • Heat/climate control - Both very high and low temperatures can make the porta potty experience miserable. Climate control mitigates any concern during winter and summer months to keep your guests comfortable.
  • Portable sink
  • Portable hot water sink - A high end accessory, portable sinks provide the comfort of traditional bathroom facilities anywhere you need them.
  • Attendant - Portable toilet attendants keep the potties stocked with toilet paper, antibacterial gel/disinfectant for the duration of your event, as well as keeping the area tidy and presentable.
  • Sanitizer station - This keeps germs from spreading and guests healthy, particularly if food is served at your event.
  • Portable mist fan - Great for events and venues with high heat or directly in the sun.

As you can see, there are many options for renting portable toilets in Alexandria, AL. There is even a special portable toilet you can rent that is specifically for events geared towards women. Typically larger, more comfortable, and with pink accents, it's a nice touch to add when you know your demographic pretty well. They are tougher to find and the cost is on the high-end side, but they're worth it.

Portable Toilet Rental in Alexandria: How Many Do I Need for My Event?

You can always contact the Alexandria porta potty rental company to get an estimate directly over the phone. Now more and more companies offer a calculator to figure out the cost of a porta potty rental in Alexandria that is built right into their website that you can use anytime online.

Here are the main factors you need to consider when determining how many portable toilet units you're going to need to rent:

  • How many people you expect at the event
  • How long the event will last
  • The proximity of other bathroom facilities

To give you an idea, typically you need to rent at least one portable toilet per 50 people and four hours of an event. This means that an eight-hour event with 250 people in attendance will require a portable toilet count of at least 10.

Replacing A Damaged Unit

When it comes to Alexandria portable toilet placement, location is everything. High winds present a serious risk for tipping - something nobody ever wants to have to deal with. If you discover that your portable toilet has tipped over, call the company immediately for a disinfectant operation, and start looking for a safer place to put your portable toilet. Emergency maintenance may or may not be included in your rental contract so be sure to ask.

Flat, level ground is a requirement, but in order to avoid issues with graffiti and vandalism, it's ideal to put your portable toilet in a well-lit, private or surveilled area. Remember, these are rentals, and depending on the porta potty company's service contract, your rates could go up if they're damaged.

Additionally, if you're worried about your portable toilet tipping, avoid areas with high winds. If you can, talk to the company about staking your porta potties for added stability, and ask if this is included in the cost of their porta potty rental. It is in their best interest to secure their units as well, so don't be afraid to negotiate.

Alexandria Portable Toilet Rental Laws and Regulations

Aside from factoring in the amount of people it's also important that you make sure you're adhering to the Americans with Disabilities Act policies and getting enough units for your event.

In reference to porta-johns, the ADA states: "...at least 5% but no less than one toilet unit shall be installed at each cluster whenever typical inaccessible units are provided."

This means that for any event, you need to have at least one handicap accessible portable toilet on-site with the appropriate dimensions to accommodate guests in wheelchairs or with disabilities. When you call around asking for Alexandria porta potty rental quotes, make sure you factor this in.

In addition, OSHA regulations also apply to the use of portable toilets that you rent in Alexandria. Here are a few things you need to make sure you cover with portable toilets for a construction site or work environment:

  • If you're looking at individual portable toilet units and not restroom trailers, you don't have to separate them according to sex.
  • Any porta potty you provide must offer complete privacy to the user (ensure working locks and doors).
  • A weekly cleaning and maintenance schedule is necessary to keep sanitary conditions in the portable toilets for your employees.
  • Portable toilets can only be provided for employees in cases where access to standard bathroom facilities is not available.

When it comes to providing a sanitary solutions for employees, OSHA has their own standards and recommendations you have to follow. Here's the chart from their site:

Number of employees of each sexMinimum number of units per sex
1 to 151
16 to 352
36 to 553
56 to 804
81 to 1105
111 to 1506
Over 1501 additional unit for each additional 40 employees

Are Porta Potties Truly Sanitary?

Ever wonder what that strange blue liquid in the Alexandria porta potty rental was? The answer isn't pretty but they are what make porta potties safe and sanitary even when used hundreds of times over multiple days. Designed to kill odor-causing bacteria, it's a concoction of ammonia and formaldehyde with a potent blue dye.

Sanitary fluid can contain formaldehyde which is known for being a skin irritant. Some states are implementing regulations banning this chemical cocktail in porta potties and instead use enzymatic chemicals. They instead opted for enzymatic chemicals. It never hurts to ask about the blue fluid in your portable toilet especially if you or your guests have particularly sensitive skin or allergies.

Where Can I Find a Alexandria Portable Toilet Rental Service Near Me?

When you need to rent a portable toilet in Alexandria it may be cheaper to work with companies that also rent out construction equipment. This is because porta potties are rented so often on construction sites. However, these general rental yards will likely have extremely bare bones potties and their service will not match companies that exclusively rent portable toilets in Alexandria.

Do yourself a favor: read up on the local Alexandria portable toilet rental companies' reviews, and get a sense of how reputable they are before you make a decision.

Cleaning and Maintaining Porta Potties

The chemicals used in portable toilets keep the odors to a minimum, thanks to that blue liquid concoction and a potent odor control system. The sanitary services may include:

  • Delivery and pick up with specialized sanitary trucks.
  • Restocking things like toilet paper, soap or antibacterial gel, the air freshener, and any other consumable supplies.
  • Pumping the holding tank at the base of the porta potty unit.
  • Adding an antifreeze solution to prevent issues with your portable toilet in cold weather.
  • General cleaning and hosing down the porta potty.

A porta potty rental in Alexandria isn't like your little 5-gallon camp toilet - it's designed for use by several people, and as such, needs to have its tank emptied by a pump truck at least once a week. Make sure you coordinate with the rental company for convenient days for the cleaning truck to stop in, so that it's not interrupting its use by guests during a job or event. Give us a call today!

Alexandria Porta Potty Rental Costs

ada compliant porta potty rental Alexandria, AL ADA COMPLIANT PORTA POTTY

Starting at:
$200.00 per day
N/A per week
$350.00 per month

deluxe porta potty rental Alexandria, AL DELUXE PORTA POTTY

Starting at:
$100.00 per day
N/A per week
$250.00 per month

hi-rise with hooks porta potty rental Alexandria, AL HI-RISE WITH HOOKS PORTA POTTY

Starting at:
$230.00 per day
N/A per week
$390.00 per month

high-rise cut-off porta potty rental Alexandria, AL HIGH-RISE CUT-OFF PORTA POTTY

Starting at:
$100.00 per day
N/A per week
$280.00 per month

porta potty rental Alexandria, AL PORTA POTTY

Starting at:
$75.00 per day
N/A per week
$200.00 per month

power source porta potty rental Alexandria, AL POWER SOURCE PORTA POTTY

Starting at:
$200.00 per day
N/A per week
$380.00 per month

towable porta potty rental Alexandria, AL TOWABLE PORTA POTTY

Starting at:
$84.00 per day
N/A per week
$200.00 per month

vip porta potty rental Alexandria, AL VIP PORTA POTTY

Starting at:
$150.00 per day
N/A per week
$300.00 per month

rent porta potties in Alexandria