Bathroom Trailers - The Go-To Solution for Outdoor Events and Job Sites

Bathroom trailers were created to facilitate VIP events and outdoor job sites where workers spend long hours. An upgrade from standard porta-potties, portable bathroom trailers can come equipped with sinks that have hot and cold running water and toilets that actually flush. For those looking for a bathroom solution for an outdoor event, our low portable restroom trailer rental prices provide the answer.

The History Behind Portable Restroom Trailers

Most people have used a porta potty at some time in their lives. Whether it's traveling in a remote area or attending an outdoor event, you have probably needed and used this necessary commodity. The original porta potties were manufactured in the 1960s, and they have continued to grow in popularity due to their convenience. Any outdoor adventure or event can be ruined without the accessibility of a restroom.

After porta-potties had been introduced to the world, it became obvious that there were occasions when nicer mobile restroom facilities were needed. People who were dressed for certain occasions such as graduations, parties, concerts, weddings, or other outdoor events found porta-potties to be somewhat distasteful, lacking space, cleanliness, and atmosphere. A cleaner and more luxurious product needed to be developed to accommodate these types of events and the mobile restroom trailer was the perfect solution. Created to be portable, versatile, and upscale, many event coordinators rent bathroom trailers to offer a cleaner solution to their guests. There are numerous options for bathroom trailers including the number of stalls, handicapped accessibility, elite sinks and woodwork, and more.

When Restroom Trailers Are Useful

Many outdoor events call for bathroom trailers. These include outdoor parties, weddings, black-tie events, wedding receptions, movie sets, sports events, carnivals, and any outdoor VIP event where you want to offer your guests luxury accessories such as running water, air conditioning and toilets that flush. Construction site managers also often take advantage of bathroom trailers as their workers like to clean up and enjoy comfortable bathroom facilities in an otherwise dirty environment. Disaster relief organizations need to rent toilet trailers after hurricanes, floods or major storms that leave people stranded without modern plumbing.

Types of Portable Restroom Trailers

Toilet trailers come in plenty of sizes, costs and amenity options for you to choose from. Of course, these are a step up from a porta potty, so you can expect a cleaner, more spacious bathroom experience. Restroom trailer rental prices are dependent upon the type and size of trailer you rent.

Standard restroom trailer:

A standard restroom trailer can house from one to eleven bathroom stalls for both men and women. Trailers can specify restrooms for men and women or make all restrooms unisex. Restrooms specifically for women have enclosed stalls, while those for men often have urinals and at least one enclosed stall. There are sinks available, as well as lighting, heating, and sometimes air-conditioning.

luxury restroom trailer

Luxury restroom trailers:

Upscale restroom trailers contain all of the accessories of the standard toilet trailers, but they also offer a nearly unlimited number of amenities from which to choose. These elite restrooms are perfect for black-tie events and may include large mirrors, wood paneling, skylights, hands-free paper towel and soap dispensers, marble countertops, and hands-free faucets and flushing toilets. Elegant in nature, luxury restroom trailers are the best of the best.

Restroom trailers for construction:

Some more bare bones restroom trailers are made specifically for industrial and construction job sites. These trailers are made to accommodate workers who will need access to a restroom throughout the entire time of working at a job site. Unlike luxury restroom trailers, commercial-grade toilet trailers are made for endurance and practicality. In some cases they will only consist of porta potties placed on top of a tow behind trailer and a ramp for workers to access them.

Additional amenities:

In addition to the benefits mentioned, some portable restroom trailers include:

  • Super large holding tanks
  • Solar-powered lighting
  • Porcelain toilet seats
  • Baby changing stations
  • Pebbled walls
  • Large countertops
  • Uniformed valets
  • Restroom trailer with shower

Where to Find Restroom Trailers for Rent

If you need to rent a portable bathroom trailer you have many options. Most people rent them for one-time use, usually for a weekend. Some business owners end up purchasing used restroom trailers that are for sale on Craigslist or eBay, while others buy them new from the manufacturers. You can find restroom trailer rental prices by entering your details in our form. It is important to speak with at least two rental companies to compare costs.

Restroom Trailer Rental Prices

While the cost of a restroom trailer rental will vary based on the level of luxury and amenities you need, you will still find a wide range of prices. Rates may also vary according to your state and seasonally.

The typical rental price for a deluxe portable restroom trailer with two toilets may cost between $300-$500/day or $800-$1500/month. Longer term and events that require a large number of restrooms will receive discounts of course. It's wise to make a reservation as soon as possible, as most companies usually a limited number of bathroom trailers nearby. The most popular times are April through October. In addition, plan to make a deposit when you make your reservation.

ADA Compliance

Not all portable bathroom trailers are ADA compliant, but there are definitely models made to include wheelchair accessibility. It is important to mention this when you make your reservation so you can get a trailer that is ADA compliant.

Shower Trailers

Shower trailers are designed with not only restrooms facilities but also shower stalls. Shower trailer rentals are very similar to bathroom trailer rentals in that they are mobile, and they come with varying number of stalls from one up to six stalls and eight stalls in larger trailers. Some mobile shower trailers are ADA compliant with wheelchair accessibility. Manufacturers of shower trailers include ATCO and ACSI. Many shower trailers are equipped with eye wash stations to ensure the safety of off-site workers. Sturdy and clean, here are some examples of industries that can benefit from portable restroom and shower trailers:

  • Oil sands and shale fields
  • Mining quarries
  • Coal mining
  • Natural gas and fracking
  • Gas and oil refineries
  • Disaster relief services

Depending on the industry, it may be necessary for a trailer to be in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Uses of Shower Trailers

Shower trailers can be used for those who need shower facilities on assignments for the military such as the Army or Marines. They can also be used for those who work in industries where they may need to take a shower before leaving their work location, such as those working in the oil fields. Many shower trailers are equipped to deal with those who need hazmat and eyewash stations. These types of shower trailers are industrial built and must meet OSHA shower trailer requirements. Shower trailers can also be used for temporary situations such as emergencies, disaster relief, or for the homeless.


What is the difference between a porta potty and a restroom trailer?

A porta potty is an individual toilet and usually made of plastic while a restroom trailer is a portable toilet on a trailer that has several restrooms in one unit.

How many restroom trailers will I need for my event?

See the chart below to know how many restroom stalls you will need. This is based on the average time of the event and the number of people that will be there. If alcohol will be served add roughly 20% to these recommendations.

restroom capacity chart

Where can I find reviews to choose a good bathroom trailer?

While many websites offer reviews for restroom trailer rental companies, we put in the leg work to weed out those you don't want to talk to. Reviews can be a good start, but our trusted providers all have a lengthy track record of great customer service combined with competitive pricing. Reviews just don't tell the whole story in many cases.

What are the best manufacturers of restroom trailers?

Some of the most popular manufacturers of restroom trailers include JAG, Kohler, and Wells Cargo UltraLav. These offer various dimensions and plans to accommodate both small and large events.

What dimensions are restroom trailers?

Bathroom trailers come in a variety of sizes and number of stalls. Stalls can range from 2 stall, 3 stall, and up to 11 stalls depending on your needs. Check the chart above to find what works best for your venue or job site.

Is there a delivery fee for a restroom trailer?

Yes, you will need to pay a delivery fee to have your trailer delivered. However, this is figured into the total restroom trailer rental quote.

How do I find a restroom trailer rental near me?

We not only help you contact but also receive pricing for a restroom trailer near you in under 2 minutes. Our process takes into account delivery times and inventory available within a fifty mile radius.

Where should I put the restroom trailer?

You will want to place the trailer on a level surface that is easily accessible but out of the way. Most require a 12-foot height clearance and a minimum of 10-foot width so guests can easily access the doors to the restrooms. Do not place them near the path of cars or near where heavy machinery is operated.

Do I need electricity at the bathroom trailer site?

Most bathroom trailers come with a generator or are solar-powered, so electricity would not be necessary. However, if a toilet trailer will be parked at a site for several days, it will need to be hooked to a 110 volt outlet.

Do I need to provide a water supply to the trailer?

Most restroom trailers can be hooked to a garden hose for its water supply. This is necessary if the trailer will be on location for several days. For one-day events, however, holding tanks are available.

Restroom Trailers Pricing


Starting at:
$605.00 per day
N/A per week
$3,000.00 per month


Starting at:
$605.00 per day
N/A per week
$3,000.00 per month


Starting at:
$700.00 per day
N/A per week
$3,500.00 per month


Starting at:
$780.00 per day
N/A per week
$3,800.00 per month


Starting at:
$480.00 per day
N/A per week
$2,800.00 per month


Starting at:
$1,000.00 per day
N/A per week
$4,500.00 per month


Starting at:
$500.00 per day
N/A per week
$2,500.00 per month


Starting at:
$700.00 per day
N/A per week
$3,500.00 per month


Starting at:
$700.00 per day
N/A per week
$3,500.00 per month


Starting at:
$480.00 per day
N/A per week
$2,800.00 per month