About Us

RentalSite.com was founded in 2006 with the simple goal to make it easy to rent all types of construction equipment. Throughout the years we rapidly grew to include all types of rentals from cars and party rentals, to even homes. While we initially had great success offering equipment rentals, we started to try to do too much, and offer everything under the sun. In early 2014 the management team got together and decided that we must return RentalSite to it's original vision, making construction equipment easy and affordable.

We've learned a lot over the years, and have worked with tons of local equipment companies, some good and others not so much. The construction equipment industry is kind of old school and customers often have to deal with companies that don't even know what their inventory and availability is. With so much equipment and outdated inventory management systems, customers often got equipment delivered or picked up late, got overcharged for their rentals, got the wrong equipment, or got no equipment at all after the company found out that it was already booked for another job. We know how frustrating it can be to have an important piece of equipment show up late, or even worse, not at all. This leads to project delays, going over budget, and can really throw a well running project into chaos. This is why RentalSite provides tools for our partners to manage their equipment, and why we only work with companies who have well run, high quality operations.

It may sound pretty simple, but when you rent from RentalSite.com's partners you will get the right rental, at the right time, at an excellent price. Choosing the right rental company for your project can be time consuming, confusing and expensive, but it doesn't have to be with RentalSite.com!

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